Well-WORK supported by SOLARIS, Intelligent Coach Software.

At the beginning as well as during usage we perform real time data analysis in the following domains:

  • Personal life goals and plans
  • Mission
  • Values
  • Personality
  • Social inclusion
  • Dimensions of well-being

The SOLARIS database provides 500+ techniques for maintenance and improvement of WELL-BEING. The algorithm provides an individual feel good package for every user.

The individual‘s personality is identified by an assessment of the well-being and the subsequent data analysis.

Within SOLARIS, every user can define individually which dimensions of WELL-BEING shall be improved.

Based on questionaires and data our algoritm proposes a number of techiques for improving the WELL-BEING, which can be perfomed in collaboratin with others or individually within the daily routine.

At the SOLARIS social platform the user can share his success story, feelings and experiences using text, images...

In SOLARIS the user can track the development of his WELLBEING-Score.