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We believe in what makes people happier.


Welcome to the ProSelf programme!

You are living in a time, where your desire for happiness faces continuous uncertainty day by day, due to the world that embraces you.

For us humans it is normal that during such a time we hare sad, stressed, confused, anxious or angry. At such times we must be especially strong mentally, physically, emotionally and we need to feel to belong to someone and to somewhere.

Our ProSelf programme supports you in such phases with personalized exercises.

The first step of this programme is this questionnaire measuring your current WELL-BEING level. Based on the results exercises from different areas will be suggest to you.

The questionnaire and the exercises have been developed by psychologists and are based on scientific knowledge from the areas of positive psychology and health psychology.

Are you ready? Get part of our community and register right now, it's free!

Sincerelly, your ProSelf experts


ProSelf is also available as App.